The fish exported from Brazil are mostly wild Freshwater fish from the Amazon river but also some 10% interesting Marine Fish & invertebrates.

Brazil authorities haa a positive list of fish that can be exported UNTILL AUGUST 2019

Now SINCE AUGUST 2019: new regulation that respectes NEGATIVE LISTS (like CITES):

Currently the Hypancistrus zebra L46 is listed as CITES II and is illegal to catch and export from Brazil. Also restrictions excist on the export of freshwater Stingrays. See our report on CITES in Laws & Regulations.  Latest news (May 2017) of fish that are NOW also allowed for export :
Scobinancistrus aureatus L014,         Peckoltia compta L134,
Parancistrus nudiventris L031,           Peckoltia sneathlageae L141,
Scobinancistrus pariolispos L048,      L133,
L253,                                                  Leporacanthicus joselimai L264
Teleocichla prionogenys

Most freshwater fish are exported from the cities Manaus, Belem, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Manaus is known for export of Cardinal tetra, Rummynose, other Tetras, Corydoras, Discus, Angelfish, some Loricaridae or other cat fish.

Belem has also a large variety of Amazon fish but is more specialized in the Loricaridae

Sao Paulo has good airport connections and can therefore offer a large variety of Brasilian fish to most parts of the world.

Hereby a nice short video as introduction on the Wild Fish from Brazil made for Project Piaba=

See also a  short introduction film ‘Sustainable Fish collecting in the Amazon”  by expert Cameraman Don McConnell=

We= Bassleer Biofish is proud sponsor for Sustainable collection of Amazon fish= it has a socio-economic benefit for the local people(fisherman en woman, piaberos) SEE OUR SHORT FILM, we look for more sponsors= Collecting of wild fish in the Amazon region

Project Piaba is a non-governemental project to promote the sustainable collecting of aquarium fish in the Amazon with eco-social benifit for nature & mankind.

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